Congratulations also go out to our 1st Place Winners! Chris Cox, Max Benfer, Andrew Nettis, Rochelle Taylor, Katalin Gall, Jessica McBay & Eryn Kelley.

Honorable mentions go out to: Carlos Lopez, Danielle Rabe, John Rich, Kenna Burt, Myles Austin, Torre Shepker, Tyler Nelson, Kyle Belak, & Don Rekow.

We are so very proud of the LBC Contestants. Congrats to all!

Watch The Video of Lee Awarding Caleb the Grand Prize.


Caleb Taylor Lost 16% Body Fat & 40+ lbs.

"Losing 40 plus pounds, fitting into size 32 waist pants, and getting under 205 pounds. These were all huge physical accomplishments for me. Honestly I have not weighed under 210 since I was 13 or 14, and never fit in a 32” waist, definitely the best I have ever felt physically. Emotionally I had some fears to get over, being someone that has always been on the larger side (I was 300 pounds when I was 15) being the "big guy" has always been a part of my identity and I have always struggled with comparing myself to other people. My biggest success during this challenge was getting the negative thoughts out of my head and learning to trust the process and be more confident. No matter what the end result! I will say the last week I felt very very happy as I could finally see some ab definition for the first time in my life. That alone was such a rewarding feeling that made all the hard work more than worth it! "
- Caleb, Manchester, NH

Chris Cox Lost 20 lbs and 10% Body Fat.

"Lee Labrada once said,"Become more than what you were". This quote has been in my head everyday of the challenge and inspired me to be better than I was before, keep pushing harder, and don't ever give up. I have taken Lee Labrada's words to heart and have become much more than I was. I have never been stronger and leaner in my life and I believe that the LBC along with the great Labrada products and community have helped motivate me to become the best version of myself. All the great competitors on the Lean Body Facebook page were so motivating and I was driven harder by the successes that others were sharing on a regular basis. It is a huge boost to see others feeling success and knowing that if you put in the work you too will reach your goals."
- Chris, Nampa, ID

Max Benfer Lost an 21 lbs and 6 % Body fat!

"As I sit here and write this, I have accomplished SO MUCH through this. I am twenty pounds lighter, my body fat percentage is down and my skeletal muscle mass went up. I AM lighter on my feet, my breathing is NOT labored any longer, and my clothes DO fit much better. What I have accomplished in 12 weeks is just the beginning. I plan to continue improving every week until my body fat percentage is closer to 10% than 20%. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to improve. By God's grace, I AM a better husband, father, and pastor today than I was twelve weeks ago, and that's all I ever wanted."
- Max, West Chester, PA 

Andrew Nettis Lost 19 lbs and 7% Body Fat.

"I feel I was very successful in my physical and mental changes during the challenge. Though I had many physical and mental challenges, I did my best to overcome them and triumph. Through out my life as an educator and coach for over 20 years I have taught and trained thousands of students ways to change their physiques, improve their fitness levels, improve their health, use proper nutrition, to follow healthy habits, and to have a growth mindset. I feel that this exemplifies the spirit of the Lean Body Challenge, and the goals fo Mr. Labrada to spread the gift of fitness and health to others."
- Andrew, Genoa City, WI


Rochelle Taylor Lost 21 lbs and 3% Body Fat

"I got stronger and overall I feel healthier. I am much happier and I have a lot more confidence now than I did going into the challenge. I competed in the Lean Body Challenge not only to be healthy and more in shape for myself, but also for my husband and two young kids. As I went through the challenge I noticed a change in my outlook on life and my happiness. I feel better, I no longer have headaches, plus I feel more awake throughout the day."

-Rochelle, Manchester, NH


Eryn Kelley Lost 15 lbs

"I will say though, I never stopped. I never gave up on myself and I let being in the challenge push me forward. I did make healthy meal choices a lot of the time and stuck to my meal plan the majority of this challenge. I got the workouts in, some were better than others. I wouldn't have had the progress I did without the challenge. And after it all, I can say, I am truly happy with the progress I made during this year's challenge. I feel stronger than I have in almost two years and I am motivated to keep going and see where this may lead!"

-Eryn, Warren, TX


Jessica McBay Lost 15 lbs and 10% Body Fat

"Three things kept me motivated during the LBC. First, my family. My husband and children's ongoing support kept me going daily. Second, my friends, who checked in on me weekly held me accountable. Lastly, the LBC Facebook Support Group and Lee Labrada's weekly inspirational emails and videos set me up for a successful week ahead. I truly want to thank Lee Labrada for offering this free challenge to everyone with amazing detailed workouts, healthy nutrition guidance, and designing the new app to set us up for success. The app was the best product that I used during this challenge, which helped me track my workouts and progress."

-Jessica, Burlington ON, Canada


Katalin Gall Lost 10 lbs and 7% Body Fat

"Physically the Lean Body Challenge thought me that it’s dedication and consistency that leads to results. Not just with the workouts but with nutrition and mindset as well. We must train our brain just as hard if not harder than the body so when life takes us on a “curvy” road we are prepared to conquer it with a solid plan instead of reactive/ negative actions. The challenge has been huge in emotional successes. I am energized, feel regenerated, manage stress better and practice self love, all of which magnify the joy I give towards my family and friends. My message is that it’s never too late to start investing in a healthy lifestyle, the benefits are amazing!"

-Katalin, Thornton, CO 

Congrats to Our Honorable Mentions