Children – Lean Body for Everybody™

From the classroom, to the sports field, to the after-school job, your teen has a lot going on. He or she is also growing and developing at a rapid rate. Now, just as in your teen’s younger years, a healthy diet with adequate protein is essential. It’s a sure-fire way to help keep your mini-adult primed to reach his or her full potential.


It’s the Perfect Size.

Lean Body® Ready-to-Drink protein shakes come in a smaller size (8.45 oz) that can help fill nutritional gaps by providing 20 grams of quality protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and zero grams of sugar.

Growth & Development.

For young bodies, protein is especially important. It aids in healthy growth and development and supports everyday bodily functions. It can also improve kids’ attention span in class to help them thrive academically. Still, research shows that one in seven school-aged children do not meet their daily protein intake goals.

Our Secret.

Meeting daily protein needs fall short partly because while kids love to snack on sugary, carb-rich foods, they aren’t so thrilled about healthy meals! With Lean Body® RTDs, you can help buck this trend and ensure your kids are properly nourished with the protein they need. They’ll love the delicious flavor and rich, creamy texture. The fact that they’re also healthy can be your little secret!